Possible Issues v4.1.13

Dear @emre, I have been using the soft for a week now and i have found some minor things that maybe you could check out for me…

  1. screen keyboard is not displayng touched key into text box.
  2. when you select a ticket item to add a portion or order tag, to deselect you have to do 2 clicks.
  3. when you add for example 3 burguers in one line, and you want to add an order tag (for the three items, since they are togheter in one line…) it only adds one.

in the screen that i attach, you can see the example, 3 burguers in one line and then I add order tag (Pao Arabe, R$1 each, so the line should say PAo Arabe R$3)


  1. fixed
  2. fixed
  3. fixed

WOW!!! that was fast!!! how do I implement it?


You need to wait until next release. I’ll release it as soon as tests finishes.

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