Possible screen switch issue again

@emre i am implementing a discount based on scanning the barcode from a printed discount voucher. Using the idea from another post where someone implemented a voucher printing when the transaction value reached a certain amount e.g. spend £50 and get a £5 off voucher.

The flow would be that after the transaction receipt has printed a discount voucher for £5 would then print. I want to add a barcode to this printed voucher so when it is used you can simply scan the voucher to take off the discount.

I have successfully set up my system so that different barcodes scanned would deduct a different discount either by value or by percent (hurray!!! I did it by myself!!)

However, everything works great except when the voucher is scanned and the discount added, when the remaining balance is then paid i get that screen switch issue that you have fixed before for me. The main menu button disappears, the keyboard button disappears and the POS seems to change from being logged in as admin to logged in as non admin as buttons that require an admin PIN start asking for one, even though i havent actually logged in as a non admin user. what should happen is when the remaining balance is paid my auto logout rule should kick in and return the POS to the log in screen for the next user.

Heres the screen shots of the operational flow

discount voucher barcode scanned (or barcode manually typed into number pad)

discount is applied, ticket is refreshed and payment details update

Remaining amount paid by cash, in this example i used my cash button, pressing it prompts for the tender amount

My tender amount and change due message appears

THEN THIS IS THE ERROR - I should now be logged out but instead i get the screen switch error and the POS screen appears with the missing buttons and it now behaves as if i am a non admin user when i have not logged out and logged back in as non admin

This also happens if my discount barcode scanned is for a % discount, the correct %discount show on the ticket in the same way as the set value shown above but when the remaining balance is paid the screen switch happens

I hope to release a small tutorial for this discount method if the screen switch issue can be fixed

EDIT: Fixed it, can someone delete this post please @emre @Jesse

I changed it to question. It might be helpful for someone else if you posted what it was and how you fixed it.

Yea Sorry, for some reason i had added refresh ticket action to my exact cash and cash button rules (think its because i needed to add refresh ticket to the new discount rules so the ticket updated on screen, i went a bit OTT with adding refresh ticket in places i didnt need it lol)

I just removed the refresh ticket action from those two button rules and it works perfect!!

Tutorial coming soon… possible tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I think that’s a good point. I see Display Ticket action being used a lot and to be honest there are really only a few specific times it would be required.


Do you have tutorial for this ?

Nice Implementation

@shmoulana hopefully ill be able to get a tutorial done tonight :slight_smile:


sorry to bother you.
have you done with the tutorial;

Hi its no bother, sorry ive been really busy i wanted to have done it by now i just havent had time ill try and do it in the next few days

@emre did you manage to find out if you could fix this screen switch issue?

I thought you fixed it. You said in this thread that you fixed it.

Just realised this is a different topic, i cant find the other topic, @emre said he knew whatbwas causing it but needed to look into if it woukd affect other things