Possible to remote connect to the database? Form home?

I am interested in connecting to the database from home. i.e so I can have a version of SambaPOS at home, and add items to the database rather than need to be at the restaurant to do it. I was thinking it “may” be as simple as storing the database in my “Google Drive” folder or similar. Then the database would sync from one to the other? However, maybe that will not work?

To make sure the database doesn’t get messed up, I will make sure to access it from home ONLY when the restaurant is closed. Set the Google drive at work to sync at like 2am, then ONLY use the one from home AFTER that time and BEFORE the work computer starts up again? Then sync the home one back after adding the new items?

Do you think this would be possible? Or am I missing something obvious?

If your server is going to be on anyway can you not just remote into it directly and make your changes

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Remote hosting database would be problematic/dog slow unless you have a dedicated/leased line at both ends and still then not ideal either raw remote with port forwarding or VPN.

Options would be;

  • Remote login (teamviewer, remote desktop, vnc etc) as rick suggested
  • Backup, take backup home, restore in morning.

- Remote login (teamviewer, remote desktop, vnc etc) as rick suggested ---- Good point!
- Backup, take backup home, restore in morning ----- This is how I feel about using Google Drive. The database would still run off the physical drive of the register, I would not be “remote”. But it would backup a copy to the “cloud” at night, then I could mess with it from home, send it back to the “cloud” and then have it update on the register drive again. In essence, the same as doing it physically by placing it on a USB drive, and manually bringing it back and fourth. As long as you think it would work by taking the backup home, then it should also work from Google Drive, I think.

As long as you backup at close and restore before open…

We have backup and restore actions but file name for restore would be a little trickier to solve but sure a solution on the forum somewhere.

Thanks. I will try it out (while keeping a separate backup just in case) and see how it goes. I can’t add items to the database here at home and just “Import” them into the database at work right? My home database would erase all the sales and such? All I am really interested in is adding items from home.

You can add items to database via SQL but its not a simple process due to relationships of tables etc.

You could do this with configuration tasks which are pre setup configuration/installs but you would defiantly want to get some practice with using them.

For now I would backup change and restore in the morning.

Restoring from a backup also overwrites sales data so would loose sales records between the backup and restore dates

Cool, that’s what I thought then. Thank you for the help.