Possible to Update courses on table screen?


For example when chef bumps starter in KDS, caption on table display on POS will update to ‘starters’ and when entrees bumped alters to ‘entrees’. Would this be possible?

Also could even push it further and mark courses as ‘cleared’ on the POS which would update the KDS to show entrees need to go out.

This can solve confusion as sometimes entrees don’t get sent out as nobody called the table cleared and other times table get asked for desserts twice by different waiters.


Is they forget to call away won’t they forget to ‘bump’ on till?

Yes this would be possible, you can start a fresh ticket state flow and probably even use state time expression to show time since course served/cleared etc.

This may require the re’print’/generation of the ticket on the kitchen display depending on the method you used for the display.

If you just mean on the tables entity screen you would just need to set a new ticket course state or easier option would be on to entity state as easier to link to it directly on an entity screen and set it to show in the entity screen display format.


Sounds like something I’d have to pay someone to do, bit advanced for my knowledge yet!


Custom states are easy once you understand them and make sure you carefully not to change default state flow.
It is something that would likely need a bit of learning if it’s not something you have worked with before depending on your general ability/understanding of samba.
You could pay someone or give it a go yourself. If you did try yourself I’d recommend having a play on a fresh/separate database to get to grips with the flow before messing with existing setup.


So I thought of a way to do it after lots of reading, nobody has actually done this method (I don’t think) just something I made up myself.

So as we know when you close ticket the table changes colour, could I not have the ‘call away (waiter screen)’ and ‘send’ (on kd bump bar) to act as kind of addon ‘close’ buttons?

I’m just trying to get my head around the work flow and was going to just copy the ‘close’ work flow to make it easier as it seems to do what I’m looking for anyway.


Kind of except there is lots of less noticeable automation included in the closing flow for order and entity states which are important for reporting etc.
I’m not quite sure what your referring to as being a new untried idea. If it’s messing with status state of ticket there is likely a reason it’s not been done.