Postcode API not working

I’m currently setting up SambaPOS for a takeaway and am getting to grips with it.

I used the configuration options to enable Postcode lookup that worked fine to begin with; however now it fails to collect the street names at all. Wondered if this was an ongoing issue?

Also when it does bring up the address moving on to any other field clears the postcode and so this is not then saved with the customers details.

Am I missing something somewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Seems working fine for me. Post Code API is Google Maps API so it may have usage limits depending on your usage or it might be temporarily unavailable.


hi robbie mine was working as well for some reason i had to re install sambapos but its not working now

can you please send me screen shots of your customer entity custom field or guide me how to install it your help will be highly appriciated

thanks in advance