Potential Bug: Unable to edit settings

Using the latest SambaPOS 4 BETA:

After launching SambaPOS the first time everything was normal, now when I goto Manage from the main menu all the options are gray and I am unable to select anything. The primary settings option works okay but all other categories such as Products are unavailable. I am logged in as the default Administrator with code 1234. Occurs both off and on shift.

Their normal color is gray. Do they hover or respond clicks?

Normally no, if I click them they turn black but nothing happens in the upper section as if I had not clicked them. If I wait a while and leave it idle, sometimes if I click 2 or 3 times it will work but only 1 or 2 times and then it ignores the clicks. SambaPOS is not froze and is fine, it’s just ignoring click events on the manage buttons.

Update: This only happens on touch screens. If I plug in a mouse it’s fine. It happens on both my ELO Touchscreen, my tablet touch screen. Seems it’s a touch screen specific issue.

I see. Thank you for reporting.