PreSales Question

We are changing our pos system and I am in charge of hunting one down. I have looked at the version 4 software a long time ago and liked it, but we already had one. So I like your system but, as I live in Ontario Canada, we have some strict rules on taxes and i need to know this software will do what we need. So here we go, we have two taxes gst-5% and pst8%. together they are called HST. I have seen the HST on here but can’t find my answer. In ontario, if the total food bill is $4.00 including HST or less there is no pst added, just gst but, only on certain products (Prepared foods)…i already have that figured out. Now if the total bill is over $4.00 then HST for that product.

Example 1)

We sell a cheeseburger for $2.99 and a 355 mL can of diet soda for $0.99 to a consumer. The total price is $3.98.

The cheeseburger is a qualifying prepared food for purposes of the rebate. Because the diet soda is sold together with a qualifying prepared food, it is a qualifying beverage for purposes of the rebate. As the total price for the two items is not more than $4.00, the restaurant collects only the 5% federal part of the HST and PST Exmpt 8% provincial part of the HST to the consumer at the point of sale.


Didn’t read while post but conditional tax like that is not posible with tax templates but should be achievable with calculations however will be more involved setup vs simple tax setup.
It might work with one as tax and one as calculation but without working out the nitty gritty can’t say for sure.

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