Price Definition on Ticket Template

That’s would be fantastic @emre!

Your implementation of pricing is very comprehensive as it can be done a few ways. Your default method using “Price Definitions” is very logical as we just add the same portions but for the new definition.

WHAT I LOVE - is the intuitive “smarts” that have been built in such as:
No Definition price? - Use Default. OR
Enter: keypad 4 + Product - has Price so use [4] as quantity; has no price so use [4.00] as Price.

Please let us know or provide sample syntax on how to include this on a Ticket.
Thank you.


:slight_smile: Sorry I don’t think I could fully understand your request. Do you want to use typed value instead of default price? Doesn’t these items sold by quantity?

NOPE - it works great as it works now. I was simply giving you a COMPLIMENT… :smile:
“What I Love” = really like how it has been implemented.

Hmm seems like I am trying to extract requests from compliments… Sounds not so healthy :wink:

Thank you.


Arrh don’t worry about it, it is Sunday (Sunday night for me) and we are all allowed to get a little freaky haha…

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@emre did you see this topic?

We were looking for a way to show price list savings and potentially other things like showing locals discount price before swiping members card.


Yes I saw but quickly ignored it because I couldn’t understand the context. :slight_smile: I just read that 2 more times and I guess you need a way to calculate ticket totals against different price lists.

Generally before implementing features I setup something similar to what requested and work on it to understand if what I’ve added works fine and if something additional might be needed. If I can’t get the context I generally ask but in some cases I have too little time to read all unread stuff. I’m sorry for that. If you can give more details about the requested workflow I can implement that on my side and see what is needed there.

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Main tings for my intended use were;

A way to calculate ticket total given a price list, something like {TICKET TOTAL:<Price List>}
So we can show for example the savings on the receipt template with something like;
[={TICKET TOTAL:Normal}-{TICKET TOTAL:{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Price List}}]

I would also like to use it to have a ticket shell title for ‘Locals Price’ as it would vastly increase the productivity as there is a lot of back and forth with getting the customers member card, back to till swipping and then back to customer again, but in most cases where you know the customer at least then they can see the correct discounted price for the round before getting the customer rfid.

Q also showed interest in having a {PRICE:X} tag so we could easilly call a products price from a specific price list.

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Well I will put my hand up and suggest it should work for Price Definitions by default as well. @JTRTech you are stipulating a Custom Data Field right? No problems but I would also like the {PRICE TAG:x} functionality included for Price Definitions given it is part of the Samba core.

Ticket Template:

-- Default format for orders

New Price Definition Template somehow incorporates {PRICE TAG:x} i.e.{PRICE TAG:Take Away} | {PRICE TAG:Member} | {PRICE TAG:VIP 1}

This is the “pure” method of supporting pricing levels instead of Custom Data Fields for VIP & Happy Hour.

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Yer, it was just C&P from my discussion with Q.

Basically it would be something like [={TICKET TOTAL:Normal}-{TICKET TOTAL:Locals}] onces populated. Which would give a positive value for the price difference (saving) on the locals price list vs normal.

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Yes! That would save the need to use REPORT SQL DETAILS in this thread:


{PRICE:X} added.
{TICKET PLAIN SUM:X} added. You can also use it as {TICKET PLAIN SUM:} for always displaying sub totals.


Am I wrong to say that [quote=“emre, post:15, topic:10892”]

Is not correct and it would be {PLAIN TOTAL:X}?

It has been a while since requested but am making some adjustments and cant figure out the correct tags.

I cant seem to specify the total based on normal price list in order to calculat savings and switch to a calculation siscount rather than a price change method.

Tried {PLAIN TOTAL:Normal} but interestingly this or in fact anything ie {PLAIN TOTAL:lajdfgliujsf} reports order tag totals lol. If you see the burger example belwo it shows £1 which is the order tag price.
Either way {PLAIN TOTAL:Normal} reports 0.
{PLAIN TOTAL:} shows expression - not a value/number

So the question seems to be @emre is how can this be used to report ‘Normal’ price list/tag total if the orders/some orders are set to non normal price tag?
This expression will report specific price tag totals but cant see how to total normal price.

Hmm What does it look like?

Edit. OK. Saw it. Can you try this? {PLAIN TOTAL: }

This is because it reports Price Tag Price + Order Tag Total. As lajdfgliujsf price resolves to 0 it only shows Order Tag Total.

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{PLAIN TOTAL: } is reporting the total taking in to account the set price list/tag;

Need to be able to get what ticket total would be on normal price list/tag in the same way {PLAIN TOTAL:REG} would report what the price would have been given locals discount price list on a ticket where it was full price (normal price list)

I guess I could shift all prices into a specific price list 'NORM and make that the default allowing me to specify {P{LAIN TOTAL:NORM} and {PLAIN TOTAL:REG} but I would have thought we should be able to specify the ‘Normal’ price list in the same way as custom price lists.

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OK I found the issue. {PLAIN TOTAL: } will work with default menu item price on next update.

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Do you have an eta for next update release?

@emre think I need to approach this a different direction.
The {PLAIN TOTAL: } would solve visual printing side for customer however the plan with the loyalty discount is to do price list based for drinks (wet) but a higher % on food (dry).
Although customer displaying savings or potential savings will work fine as a total value however for creating/updating the calculations (as plan to move from just updating prices to a ticket level discount as this will allow coding to a specific category/account on PMS intergration)

In short I need to be able to calculate the different between normal price and REG price on selected/wet orders only…
This would be aproached using a report order total expression however I dont think this would have the ability to do so using price lists?
Is there anyway to incorperate a similar method of specify price list definition (including normal) as part of a report order total report expression?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I need to report order total given price list using a product tag/order state as an expression.
Progucts are generally grouped using NewBook GLA product tag either 2101 and 3101 (wet and dry split when posting to hotel PMS).
These are available as product tag and also as order state via an order added rule where they are applied as a state.

I need to do this in order to calculate a discount using second price list as for drinks we want to set the members price individually rather than as a % which will be the case on food. Also staff drinks and food will be % which is easier but the main thing is the loyalty drinks discount calculation as said we want granular discount amount using price list.

Need an expression something like;
[=TN('{TICKET ORDER TOTAL EXP:(OS.NewBook GLA=2101)::Normal}')-TN('{TICKET ORDER TOTAL EXP:(OS.NewBook GLA=2101)::REG})]
Where first one is total for 2101 GLA (wet) products with normal price list and second is same but for REG price list.
This would need to go in a ticket total changed action given constraints of loyalty customer entity selected to update the calculation as orders are added.

Last resort I could maybe use more states like PriceTagNormal=NormalPrice=xxx and PriceTagREG=RegPrice=xxx where that is State=StateName=StateValue and use {TICKET ORDER STATE VALUE TOTAL EXP: but not sure how this could be used to get the totals of specific state values given condition of another state being set…