Price list abilities

Unless Ive missed something we have limited easy ways to handle multiple price lists other than for changing prices.
For example, our locals discount uses a second price list, and this is applied swiping RFID and selecting entity and price list based on that entity.
I would like to make say a button with ask question message to show the locals total.
This is because the RFID is usually handed over with payment however this is a pain as means;
Pour Drinks -> to till and ring in -> to customer for RFID -> to till swip RFID for updated prices -> back to customer with total for money.
The above would mean the to customer back to till back to customer could be removed as they could see what the total would be with local price list before the rfid being swiped and price list changed.
Any ideas?

Why not swap price list first?

Because the price list change is based on their discount RFID and customer never has it ready when ordering.

Maybe if we had something like {PRICE:X} where we could specify the Price List as X, it could help?

That is the kind of thing that we are lacking which would make prices lists more powerful.
{PRICE:X} being a order level.
Would be good to have a {TICKET TOTAL:x} which would solve my previous question of a way to calculate on template the saving. so long as we could call the ‘normal’ rice list in some way/
[={TICKET TOTAL:Normal}-{TICKET TOTAL:{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Price List}}]
on customer entity would show their savings :slight_smile:

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Given the above I would have liked to maybe add a button to trigger a ticket title of a locals total price so they can view total before swiping rfid.
If it set a ticket state specifying the title it could be kept updated via ticket total changing rule with constraint of ticket state = meaning the title could be turned on and off.

What is a “Ticket Title” ?

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Lol, thought I was going crazy and terminology was wrong but it does call itself Ticket Title :wink:

Ideal world in V6 if POS is fully customization would be something at bottom maybe.

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