Pricing of Pizza Half and Half

Ok, so I think.

You are going to either have 3 sets of tags for the halfs unless you can work out a way to use the tag rate but given what we are going to attempt with the price might be problematic.
So you will need either.
One set of 50/50 tags with 3 of each type filtered to the 50/50 product portion sizes
Or 3 groups of tags mapped to 3 50/50 products for each size.

I am fairly confident if we set the 5050tag choices to be included in order price and leave the extra toppings at stand alone prices they should not be effected by that we are going to try with the order price

Just to check, your using v5 right?
Just if a script were needed it would be v5 you’ll need.

I am loving this… would be nice to have a script that automates the process… will be using it A LOT!!!



Pretty sure can even get away without a script if my first thoughts pan out :wink:

Am not at a PC atm, anyone on Saman at the minute? Have we got a rule event for order tag added/updated? Must do…

Although saying that not as simple as first thought as in including tag to order price will update the price straight away so might need to use a state/state value to define the current highest 50/50 tag.

Tag added, constrain to check that order state value, if lower that tag value update state value then update order price to be 2x state value.

Although does a tag set to be included in order price show as having a value… Hmmmm
Need to try out to confirm

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Yes definitely using v5. Thanks again!

note @JTRTech … it doesn’t have to be 2x the tag value…

if your method works i can put the full size price (not the half size) in to the tags and then have the method determine the highest price… no multiplication necessary.

that way you reduce the complexity (by a little bit)…

Just wondering what the different between charging the higher topping price vs charge for each half?
Normally prices for half pizza are slightly more than half of whole pizza.

For ex.
Half Garlic $5.5 vs Full $10
Half Hawaiian $6.5 vs Full $12
Half Meat Lover $7.5 vs Full $14

Select half Hawaiian $6.5 & half Meat Lover $7.5 = $14 or the same price as Whole pizza meat lover anyway.

I don’t think it going to be much different but the way to set up is much much more simpler. More importantly it is very fair to customer as well.

Or you can just have Half and Half: Basic, Premium, Deluxe. I imagine you may have 100 of topping to choose from and you cannot put 100 order tags (topping) in 1 page. So split it to 3-4 class is easier to select. And you set the one price for each class.

I thought of that scenario that’s why I tried to explain the setup I initially went with at the beginning

I know. That why I like your post. I don’t know what they try to make it so difficult. Maybe we are not in pizza business we have no idea. Probably my last suggestion on this for now.

I am not in pizza business! I simply offer a solution to what was asked.

If Samba is promoted as the software that lets you make exactly how you want then why is it a case of why don’t you change your pricing structure?

This person has a pricing structure in mind and has asked how to impliment in samba…

Fair enough buddy. I didn’t mean in any way to try and instil the solution I provided. Since I don’t know much about scripting, I only went with a suggestion that I know worked for some others I helped in the past, so I thought to share it. Otherwise by all means his happy to choose whichever methods suit his setup

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OK @damian Think Ive sussed it…

How does this look?
Ignore the ask questions with prices, they were my working testers.


I added the portion ask question setup to help you with the changing portions issue, this prompts for portion on order adding meaning you wont need to re-add the tags is forget to set portion first.

The important one being the last one, for the 50/50 tags it triggers.
The first action changes the order price to the tag price IF the tag price is higher than the order price.
The second action changes the tag price down to 0 so that it then doesnt effect the order price.

This will only change up… if you remove a higher priced tag it will not revert to the ‘highest’ tag after that…
If you set your ‘extra’ topping tags to not be included in the order price they will be kept clear of the automation and be added seperatly to the ticket total.


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Don’t forget when order untagged. I think it gonna effect the price if they remove the higher tag.

As it updates the order price and clears the tag prices removing tags will not reduce the price.
Hence why I said;

Sorry, haven’t read it, just skim thru the picture. I learnt from Q always have order untagged event when dealing with order tag automation. :wink:


With a bit more work you could probably look though tag values and reevaluate the highest price tag but this this will suffice for now. :slight_smile:

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I am testing this… and found that if you have a FILTER in the ORDER TAG LIST, it does NOT work… maybe its a bug, but samba shows 0 for price when a FILTER is active…