Print Bill and Payment Cancel


I am changing the workflow I was using, now it will be like that:

  • Order
  • Payment
  • Print Bill

Before we used to print and then to cancel the bill.

So I am planning to call the Print Bill Action when Payment Processed is called.
Also there is a constraint Remaining Amount that can be usefull.

I want the Bill been printed automatically when the payment is processed, EXCEPT when:

  1. Payment is made on Customer Account, I want no bill. (Maybe is the
    bahaviour by default?)
  2. The customer wants a “not detailled” bill, I want a bill printed with another template. Ideally some popup screen asking “Detailled Bill or Not” on the screen, so that the waiter can make his choice, then Print Bill or Print Bill Without Details actions would be called.

Would it be possible?


About point 2, it is solved:

  • A ticket tag PorConsumo with an single sub Tag numeric value:
  • A constraint in the Print Bill rule, the opposite constraint in the Print Bill No Detail rule, using 2 different print job(and print template)

Print Bill

Print Bill No Detail

about point 1:

Payment is made on Customer Account, I want no bill.

Here it is, thanks emre !

Bad luck …

When I pay on Customer account, the Ticket is printed out, no matter my custom constraint.

So The constraint
Payment Type Name --- Not Equals --- Customer Account
does not work for me.

Changes Matches to Matches All in the Print Bill Rule.

@JohnS Done, works, thanks, I’ll be able to have a beer and to bed !