Print bill on amount due when cash button clicked

if remaining amount = 0 bill is printed and ticket is closed.

but if change is due then on button close the bill is printed

can i juz add one more constraint if remaing amount > 0 then bill print etc?

as i want the bill to print in any case when cash button is clicked

Yes. That’s the power of SambaPOS!

but then it will straight away close the ticket and wont show the change due…

Show me the Rule in question. I don’t print bills ever, unless I click my Print Bill button.

You may need a new Rule.

its ok i manage to resolve…actualy wanted to print bill when cansh drawer open and two copies of bill

so i set print bill rule is on rule:

  1. ticket payment check
  2. open cash drawer button when cash button clicked

this way i get two copy of bill and my bill prints when i click on cash no matter change due or not