Print bills for equally split payment of all items

A group of 4 customers sit at a table, order a bottle of wine and share some food. Later they ask for the bill and each want a separate printed bill to present to their company for expenses reimbursement. How do I print such bills?

I know how to use the 1/n button to split the total, but what about printing bills that show 1/4 70cl wine, 1/4 pizzza, 1/4 salad …etc …

I searched the forum but can’t find anything like my case. Surprised this hasn’t come up yet.

Any help appreciated,

So you want to keep track of one customer ate 1/2 of pizza, 1/3 of salad, 1/4 of wine, other one only ate 1/2 of pizza, etc?..

Open notepad, hand write it and print. Really easier.

Multiple payments should all be shown in the payments section of the receipt, would it not make more sense to just highlight the payment on each receipt that a person made?
I dont think in this situation many places would offer a bill showing 1/4 of an item on the receipt which was shared…
Depending on your payment processed rules it might not do already but I have for example set rule to force receipt printing for card payments on the payment processed event.
This would mean a receipt is printed for each payment taken.
The first receipt would show only one payment for (if using your example) 1/4 payment.
Second would show 2x 1/4 payments and say if the 3rd person paid for two shared the final receipt would show 2x 1/4 payments and 1x 1/2 payments.
I doubt that any realistic company would refuse to reimburse a employee for where the payment share of the ticket is clearly marked like that.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

So you want to keep track of one customer ate 1/2 of pizza, 1/3 of salad, 1/4 of wine, other one only ate 1/2 of pizza,

No, split the whole table equally. so on one table we have:

  • 70cl wine
  • pizza
  • salad

SambaPOS has the ability to move certain items to different ticket. I want to somehow split the table into equal tickets. Similar to move functionality already in SambaPOS. This way I can print three tickets and each customer could settle separately.

Your not going to be able to ‘move’ a fraction of the ticket total, can only move orders.
As I said your simplest solution is to either forsce printing receipt on payment processed which would give you a receipt per payment showing the amount paid broken down into the seperate payments.

I don’t understand what that means. Could you please provide a screenshot or explain more.

Add a print bill action to the payment processed rule.
But this will give you a receipt for every single payment received.

Personally I force receipt for card payments.
And as part of my setup adapting the change message tutorial I added a print receipt button to the change message to allow print receipt on demand.

Maybe you don’t need to split orders at all. Just drop a line under total amount to display people count and how much each people will pay.