Print Custom Field on Print ENTITY action

In “Coupons tutorial” we can set expiration date.
So can we print this expiration date on the coupon when we print it ? (to prevent customer about it)
I haven’t found the right tag to display it on coupon print.
Thank you

{ENTITY DATA:Custom Field Name} tag should work. If your custom field name is Date, the tag should be {ENTITY DATA:Date}

Thanks for your answer but I’ve ever tried this and it doesn’t work. For exemple in coupons tutorial, we update “menu item name” field as “coffee”. In coupons template I put {entity data:menu item name} but when I print coupon after payment, “coffee” doesn’t display on coupon.
When I check the entity “coffee” is update in “menu item name” field.
Have I forget something in settings?

Try using ENTITY DATA part all uppercase like {ENTITY DATA:menu item name}

Sorry I already use ENTITY DATA all in uppercase but it doesn’t work.
Tag I use in coupon template : {ENTITY DATA:Menu Item Name}

OK. I’ve debugged coupon sample and you are right. It writes custom data to database but printer action still accesses cached version. You’ll get the fix on next update. Thank you very much for helping us on that issue.

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