Print Customer Receipt after Processing Payment

Is it possible for you to teamviewer in and see why mine wont print?


More than likely its a print job mapping issue… or naming issue. post a few screenshots of your setup we can help narrow it down.

I want to use your great database but I seem to be having issues with closing the ticket and then reverting back to the table view and then printing the tickets. Im now printing the header followed by garbage.

Maybe its better to go back to the demo system?

What do you mean by header followed by garbage? If your using my system… My print Bill is not named Print Bill I named it Print Customer Receipt. You will need to modify my system a little to work with JUST tables… I added tables back into it… but it was still primarily designed as Quick Service. I have to go pick my daughter up from school. When I am back we can work on this… in mean time post some more info / screenshots. You have configured something wrong… and if your using my database it is probably naming/print template issues.

Thank you guys so much once again! I’ll try to look harder in the documentation section next time. It worked! :smiley: Hooray

Can I get a copy of your new DB with tables added, then I can understand better where I have gone wrong?

It is posted in the Prebuilt Databases . THe link has the latest version with tables and print bill function.

Where is the link please

can you tell me how to reset the connection string in the settings text file?

you do not have to manually reset it… if its wrong you can just change it in the error popup that comes up. Why are you needing to change connection string?

Just change it in the error popup and hit ok… then restart Samba.

Thanks for the compliment @Jesse.

I will be updating more of the documentation soon, I’ve just been busy with other things these days.

I have this dilemma though: I have a business to run, and a POS to set up.
I feel that getting this amazing system available to me for free requires me to give something back as well, but there’s no way I can do all of it by myself. Starting out with the documentation made me realize that there’s really a lot of things to document (If this was going to be a book, it would probably take a few thousand pages). And some of the feature I won’t even be using myself.

I’ll be adding more chapters to it in time but it won’t go fast though, my plan is just to spend a certain part of my SambaPOS time into learning about all the features and setting up my system, and every now and then when I finish a part of it, I spend some time on the documentation.

I do realize that the structure of the documentation is very important. Without structured and ordered documentation you just get a whole bunch of documents that you have to search through, and people won’t know where to start or what to do next so they will be wasting a lot of time. So I’m planning to work more on the structure of the documentation, and add some basic information to get it started.

I’m really hoping to see more people add stuff to the existing documentation (even if it’s just little pieces of information), that would motivate me more to put the time into it, knowing this is not my own little project, but more of a community effort…

If everybody who’s getting to use the best POS system they could possibly find (without even having to pay for it) can put in a little bit of their time now and then, then soon the documentation will be just as good as the software itself…


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@QMcKay I managed to reprint the ticket thank you! But how to make sure the date and time printed on the receipt matches the actual date and time when the transaction occurred not the current date and time I reprint?

You can use Ticket Tags to record Date and Time at point payment is processed and this way when you reprint that info is still on ticket. Example coming up. These tags can be printed on the tickets anywhere you want them.

Thank you @kendash sorry, I am not at my office right now to edit but is there any tips to how to configure the ticket tags for the time and date?

Yes @QMcKay has a tutorial on that very thing.

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@kendash, I managed to ticket tag PMT! But I am struggling on how to configure the date… and also what code do I use on my printer template to show them? Need some help please… :frowning:

Use the name of the Ticket Tag in the Printer Template. In this case, the name of the tag is PMT.

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I prefer {DATE:M/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss tt} for date instead of the

I think at the time when @QMcKay wrote this {DATE:M/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss tt} was not available.