Print Inventory items by warehouses


I have a problem when printing the inventory report.

Due to the large number of items within the recipes, is complicated counting products in stock, because when the report is printed all of the inventory items appears together and not separated by groups. For example

This is what the report shows:

Inventory Report.
Local Warehouse.
Meat 10KG
jabali 10KG
pork 10KG
10units eggs
Salmon 10GK
milk 10LT
bacon 10KG

I need to show:

Inventory Report

Meat Warehouse
Meat 10KG
jabali 10KG
pork 10KG
bacon 10KG

Fish Warehouse
Salmon 10GK

Other Warehouse
milk 10LT
10units eggs

Currently I have all my warehouses separated, but unfortunately the system only let me choose one type of warehouse, so I do not know if the system can deliver the information as I need.

How the report shows the information:

How I want to show it:



Can someone help me with this?, I’ve been reading the documentation, but still don’t get it.


What have you tried?

Hello Kendash

I actually tried to use the C.Warehouse, C.InStock and similar command, but actually as not quite understand how to write the sintaxys, I find it very difficult to try to move forward.

Ok so can you show us your actual report syntax? We can help identify your mistake.

[Inventory Report:1,1, 1]
>Product|In Stock| Added
{REPORT COMSUMPTION DETAILS:(C.Inventory=Trucha),(C.InStock),(C.Added)}

Ok so here is an example of that report tag. Can you spot the differences between it and yours?

[Inventory Consumptions:1,1,1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Warehouse,C.Inventory.asc:C.InStock<0}

This explains how to use expressions with report tags.

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What really happens is that when such use {INVENTORY REPORT TRANSACTION DETAILS: T …} immediately the system shows me a list of the available operations with that variable, however when I put {INVENTORY REPORT DETAILS: I … . any method is not deployed, so I desdonozco the name of the object on which I work.

I tried to use {INVENTORY REPORT TRANSACTION DETAILS: T.Name, T.Quantity, T.Unit}, but it shows me all products, and I just want to show me the Fish group, so I tried to do the following:


But I still do not achieve the result.

Hello again Kendash.

I continued stuck with my problem, I actually already out of ideas, so would appreciate you could give one look at the last answer I put in the subject, because it’s what I need to move forward.