Print Last Ticket on Sale Screen

During a week i have tested all possibilities and followed nearly all Tutorial about Print Last Ticket on Sale Screen, no Success!
Please Help, what am i doing wrong?
Here is my steps: (V5 and V4, no success)

1- * Using Update Program Setting Action to store last ticket id.

2- Inject this action to Print Bill rule:

3- Automation Command and Maping

4- * Create Load Ticket action

5- Create Rule for automation command button

After this Process i have a Button on Sale Screen, when i clikc on it, it is clickable, but it has no Function:

My Ticket Closing Rule has only this:Maybe it is important.


Well can see for one you don’t have closing bracket on ticket id in first screenshot :wink:

Also 2nd to last screenshot looks like v3!!

in this you mean?

i have it in Tutorial. It must be {[:LastTicketId]} ? or something else?

Think he meant this

@KryptonFactor in Software it has (Screenshot Error)

I think there is a problem in Store last Ticket feature. I dont know where it is saved and i can check it

In my other Computer I have made same Steps with V5. i have same Result. Surely i make some mistale somewhere :slight_smile:

Looks like you are storing the ticketid on print bill rather than ticket closed (and paid).

Read through this topic
Especially QMcKay posts towards the end of the thread.

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Indeed, ticked won’t have an id untill submitted, goot catch.

When using global/not local settings you can check value saved using sql broswer/manager.
Also cN check using show message or ask question with the call to that setting in body to check that value and call tag are returning expected value.

Normally in Ticket closing rule, ticket is paid and closed. In this case it has an Id. I have tested all this possibilites.
Maybe there is another way to use Print Bill Button after ticket is paid too?

Prompt on payment as suggested in the other topic on same subject the other day.
Print last bill is going to be post transaction.
In theory a ticket isn’t going to nesercerally have the bill manually printed so wouldn’t want to log from manual print command anyway. On before ticket closing is what was in my tutorial.