Print new orders buttun


I need a button to print out only new orders from the bar printer. I also have another printer at the cashier. And I don’t want to print all the orders or previous orders from the same bill. I just want to order new orders so the bartender can prepare the new requests. That’s why I’m looking for a button instead of something automatic.

Thanks in advance

What gets printed is controlled by Order States. Orders having a State of New will be printed. Orders having a State of Submitted will not be printed. This is further controlled by Rules which fire Actions for executing Print Jobs.

Where something gets printed is controlled by Print Job Mappings.

##Disable Kitchen Print on Ticket Closing

To stop automatic Printing find the Ticket Closing Rule and disable the Execute Print Job Action …

##Control Printing with your own Button (manual)

Create an Action to Execute the Bar Print Job.

Create a Rule for your Button (automation Command).

Put your Action in the Rule.