Print only if a product is present

Is it possible to print a kitchen only if there are specific products inside the ticket?

Maybe elaborate… print job mapping will make only relavent products print to that printer… have you just got **** mapping?

I have 2 printers, 1 kitchen and 1 grill.
when inserting side dishes without meat from the grill they must be printed only in the kitchen,
when the meat is inserted for the grill the outlines must also be printed on the grill

Yer, so you have meat mapped to grill and side mapped to either kitchen or both no?

I created a print copy for side dishes for the grid department. when I add a meat product for the grill in the ticket, sambapos must also print the side dishes to the grid printer. when no meat products are added to the ticket, side dishes must only be printed in the kitchen

Sounds like you will need to add a constraint to the print jobs.
Add a custom product tag/field for grill products and enter say y in all grill products, then with sides mapped to both printer/jobs add a report type constraint to the grill print job with a count orders expression with MT.Grill=Y and constrain as larger than 1.
This is freehand so likely not correct but would look something like

Resolved! I did otherwise but always with order tags. Thank you

Maybe this belongs in another topic. I have a receipt printer setup to print after a transaction is settled. I would only like a receipt to print for food orders, not all orders (IE print all food but not if someone buys a draft or six pack at the bar.) I have the printer working fine and it prints every time a transaction is tendered. I set the rule to only print if a Item Tag contains food. Now it does not print automatically for anything, but if I hit the print receipt button in the payment screen (i set this up earlier) it prints fine. Any ideas? Here is my rule.

Item tag expression is not valid on a payment processed rule as it’s an order based expression ie, order added rule etc.
You will want to use a report type expression like {TICKET ORDER COUNT or something similar with a MT.Tag constraint.

Im sorry im not sure what an mt tag is. if there is an example i can see that would be great.

Ustom product tags are defined in settings and give extra fields on the product settings.
Then these values can be referred to from reports using MT.FieldName where FieldName is the name of the field/tag.

Search the forum, they are well documented and used by many people many ways.

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Hello, it’s been about a week now and I am still unable to figure this out. I am lost. I can’t seem to figure out exactly what I am supposed to tell samba to do as far as the syntax. I only want receipts to print to this printer if there is food on the order. I want the receipt to print automatically when an order is paid. Just can’t seem to figure this out.

Post screenshots of what you have been trying and maybe we can tell you your mistake.