Print only selected orders a ticket

print only a selected ticket orders without splitting the ticket

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In V5, it does print items you selected but it will print total quantity of that line regardless of quantity you selected. Maybe @emre can change something there. For Ex. if you have 3 Coke you select 1 coke, it still print 3 coke.

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He already implemented something for that maybe you missed it… There is a rule event.

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Oh haven’t tried it yet since 5.1.50 lol.

@kendash Emre has implemented selected order quantity but I don’t think he did include that in to printing.
I just tested it. Still print total quantity for that line.

@sukasem You need to check template what is your template for printing?

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@sukasem Use SelectedOrderCount parameter and run an expression to get total price of selected orders.

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But I am not using it myself I probably not dive into it, sorry. And I’m still not sure how to get SelectedOrderCount pass to printer template and then probably can’t use {TOTAL PRICE} as well.

It sounds like more complicated than that. If SelectedOrderCount was pass to template as {QUANTITY} that is simple.

I found THIS

es lo que buscaba :smiley:

I was searching on how to do this I think it has to do with the printer template
what I m planning to do is to create an automation button then use the tags
assign it to a printer
to print those individual orders
there are probably easy way but this is the easy fix i was thinking about

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Its not very complicated. You pass SelectedOrderCount into the template and then you run an expression on it using Items Price to get total price.

Basically the way it works is when you select an order line that has multiple orders merged it it will pass the Selected Orders Count using the [:SelectedOrderCount] parameter inside the rule. As you deselect orders it will update the count eventually taking it to 0 if you deselect item completely.

@sukasem According to the short tutorial Emre provided it looks like [:Quantity] works as well.

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Selected Orders Changed rule will be more useful to solve issues you’ve experienced while preparing customer display to display selected orders.

It is also useful to store selected order count in a local setting to determine if any order is selected on ticket. That might be useful to change print job used to print ticket.

When there are selected orders in a ticket SambaPOS extracts orders from ticket, create a new ticket and prints it like a new ticket. So all related tags {TOTAL AMOUNT} etc. should work fine.

However I can’t follow the issue. I’ll be happy if someone can explain it in more detail.

I think two different things got mixed into one discussion.

@arturjur was not very clear with his request and sukasem as a result may have mistook what he was asking. I responded to sukasem because I know what he was discussing. His is specific for splitting orders for payments. arturjur may only be talking about printing tickets…but I am not sure.

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Before we go deep down, printing this way may cause security issue. Server can select some order and print over and over again and order matched what other customers order too since they can select only items they want.

And another one is you don’t know which items already printed on screen. You may end up more or less in total. Or again server can always select more then get more money in their pocket.

That is why I’m not using this.

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