Print orden tag in one line

I want to print “order tag” on a single line.

my template es:

Thank you very much to all

I might be wrong but think I was looking for similar solution a while ago, although the job fell through so never finished.
I think there was a way using HTML rather than normal template formatting.
Have a search for label printing, think the topic started with talks about smoothie/drink options for label on the cup, my comments were relating to pizza/takeaway box labels.

you should see this:

Sorry, just noticed you are using html LOL
What I think you would need to do is use divs for the tags part and setup so the divs are ‘inline’ rather than a new line for each tag.
As I said I never finished the task so cant give much more detail and my html skills are limited to experience rather than general knowledge.

I am not sure its possible to display Order Tags comma separated.

I thought I saw a photo of someone who had done it but it may have been a ‘rendering’…

Maybe @emre can fill us in. I don’t think it’s possible right now. I could be wrong.

ops!!! :smiley:
the truth I have no idea where to start,
prove with DIVs and the result is like this.

Ok so it is possible. I think its a Print Job setting or Template setting let me look into it more.

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This was the topic I was thinking of, it was a rendering…

The subject was more relating to X of X tags though.
But it would be nice to see a solution to ‘inline’ listing of tags for situations like this.

It is a printer setting. See here:

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I’ve added {ORDER TAG LIST:X} tag for next (.51) update.


That’s the one I remembered but couldn’t find it :smile:
Thats the part of the reason I stopped working on it as that method required EPL code.

:slight_smile: nice one

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wow thanks erme, for when you threw the new version?

Thanks in advance erme you’re a great teacher

Version 5.1.51 will probably release today or next few days he is usually very quick.

Version 4 will not get any more updates.

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Nice, I wanted this long time ago because my printer won’t print in graphic mode. I never have success printing using epson virtual usb port. So, I can’t use HTML printer with Generic Text only driver.

But now I am looking forward to kitchen display (task printer) now.