Print 'Payment Status' on Delivery Bill

Hi Emre and everybody - I hope you can help me set up a feature on a new SambaPOS system for a food delivery business.

When a customer’s order has been placed, I need each bill to show if an order has been paid (or added to an account) when the order was taken, or if payment is to be collected on delivery. Ideally I guess there would be a status line printed on the delivery bill saying either {Payment Due} or {Paid On Account}

I guess the {Payment Due} status could be added at the ‘print bill’ stage, but how do I set this up?
Could the {Paid On Account} status be printed after entering payment details on the settle screen in Samba which then updates the bill status to paid and prints it, and how would I do that?

Thanks for a great program which I hope to be using for real once I got this sorted. Hope you can explain in easy steps please as I am still getting to used to configuring Samba.

Many thanks.

Your scenario should use the feature called Ticket Tags, which in their simplest form are notes or status indicators that are attached to a Ticket.

You can define multiple Ticket Tags, but in your case, since you want to track Payment, you would be able to use just one, perhaps called PaymentStatus.

You can elaborate on this quite a bit, but it will get you started with Automation, which is one of the most powerful features.


Rule (Payment Due):

Rule (Paid On Account):

Now in your Printer Template, place the following wherever you want the PaymentStatus to appear:

{TICKET TAG:PaymentStatus}

This is what it looks like:

@QMcKay Thanks very much for your very helpful and detailed reply, I will try it now :slight_smile: