Print Red Order Tags - Epson Thermal

I’m running an Epson thermal network printer in my kitchen and bar (TM-T88IV) and the cooks want Order Tags in red. I’m trying to find the correct way to get my printer to do this. Supposedly the printer is able to print in two color mode. Has anyone else accomplished this with an Epson thermal? I found this code reference on their website. I’m not really sure how to use it. ACSI, HEX, or DEC? Maybe…

Enable Red?
29, 40, 78, pL, pH, 48, 50
Enable Black again?
29, 40, 78, pL, pH, 48, 49


I just found this

I’m going to try it when I get to my system. hopefully the u220 commands are the same for mine. Maybe not though. @Vasilios I tried to register on Epson site like 5 times, it never registers. I didn’t have the serial number for my problem so maybe that’s the problem.


First of all if it is a thermal printer you’ll need thermal paper that supports red / black printing.

As notified here color selection code is ESC r.

GS ( N seems like doing it for a region.

I didnt know a thermal printer could do different colours??

The U220 is a dotmatrix printer and needs a red/black ribbon to do two colours (its colour 1 and colour 2 as you can get black and other colours.)

There are special thermal papers that supports red/black or blue/black printing. About 2X expensive :slight_smile:

@emre do I really need different paper? Epson says nothing about it requiring special paper. Maybe I should tell the staff to tough it out :wink:
I think I found the proper command for it after navigating through Epson’s terrible website.

29,40,78,2,0,48,50 (for red)
29,40,78,2,0,48,49 (for black)

I haven’t tested these yet, but will tonight.

Thermal is what it sounds like, it ‘burns’ the paper - well the paper is heat sensitive.
Am surprised to hear that there is colour options for thermal but dont question emres statement but imagine it would certainly be related to the paper (at a gues would way heat sensitive in a way that a medium heat makes red and full heat make black)

Well since this is only for the kitchen i guess it wouldn’t be a problem to buy them special paper.


Yes! It works like that. This is a thermal paper feature. Printers supports 8 colors (heat levels) but paper technology supports two colors yet. I don’t know if papers that supports more colors manufactured or not.

GS ( N command listed under Special Effects category. As that command requires region parameters (pl, ph) I assume that command is useful to print a part of logo or some region in red color. For switching between different colors ESC r command is used. The document I’ve quoted on my previous post shows command details.

Could you tell me what needs editing in the ticket printer template in order to have the modifiers printed in the second colour (in my case red) of an epson tm u220?

Can someone guide me on how to add the information 29,40,78,2,0,48,50 to the ticket printer template?

Is it like this?


It depends on your printer how to change the color to red. If you want to have your modifiers print red you would change the color code in the print template right before the {ORDER TAGS}. For example:

Kitchen Orders Template



I’ve got an Epson TM U220 printing modifiers in red using the following on the Kitchen Orders Template

-- Format for order tags
<J>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

To select 2nd colour from two colour ribbon (in my case red)


To select 1st colour from two colour ribbon (in my case black)