Print same item on two printers

hi, I have problem, I need pizzas to print on pizza printer, and kitchen printer simultaneously,. The reason for this is pizza kitchen is separate kitchen , but from main kitchen they need to know there is a pizza on the order so they can work together and send meals out same time.

So , have 2 printers, Pizza printer and kitchen printer
On the pizza printer PRINTJOB is MAPPED to print only PIZZA products.
Kitchen printer is MAPPED with ( *) to print ALL products.
When I send order which contains mix of products pizza printer is printing pizzas only and the kitchen printer the rest of the order.
I need kitchen printer to print pizzas as well as other products and pizza printer to print only pizzas
Both printers to print PIZZA item.

Have you included the kitchen print job in the same rule as the pizza print job so both fire, youll probably need this as a third print rule that is constraint to only fire if there is a pizza product on the ticket, otherwise all tickets would print to both all the time

I have one rule for pizza and one for kitchen, and they print separately, but I need kitchen to print ALL TOGETHER pizzas and the rest…

Then like i said you would need a 3rd rule for the kitchen with a different template that incudes all orders. Then constrain the rule so that it only fires when you want it to