Print Ticket for Partial Payment

I have a question for Payment for some People from a Table.

For Table “B12” for exemple I have 3 Persons and they want to pay separatly. It is possible to print a Ticket for each person? I use V4

Not sure from payment screen but print action has option for selected orders

Hello @JTRTech
Thank your for Reply.

Can you please explain little bit more about this? How can I print Ticket for 3 Persons separatly?

The print bill action has an option of selected orders you set to true.
So you would want a new print bill button and an action to go with it with that set to true…

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Not sure if that works with V4 which he said he uses.

But you can also split by creating new ticket, don’t use the payment screen to split - select the orders on ticket then press Move, it will create a new ticket with just those orders, then you can settle that and get a separate bill.

There is also this but I’m not sure if it will work in V4 as it was made for V5:

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I agree with @markjw

Just select the items on the ticket and move it to a new ticket, this is by far the best way.

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Yes you can print tickets from payment screen. But it gets tricky with things like taxes.