Print ticket in TXT and save it by ticket number

somebody help me …

I need to save the tickets in txt in a folder, the name must have the ticket number

it’s possible?

It’s possible, see the attached picture for an example of the action and its usage.

You will also need to consider when you want the ticket info to be saved to the text file and use that rule event: after payment, ticket closed, ticket opened, etc.

thanks, it`s working when close the ticket… i would like to save them in different files, something like ticket 1.txt, ticket2.txt and also need to show the quantity, the product and the price, payment method.

I’m not sure if this will work, but try changing the file path name from

Imagine if you want list of orders with wty etc you may want to look at using a report expression in the add line field, likely using a formatting for fields with return/br type separator at line end

would you show me with a example please, thanks

I dont have an example to hand.
Look at some example export reports, maybe 4th and 4th colon are for separator and line end chars.

{Report expression:fieldA,fieldB:(constraint=a):outputfields ie {0},{1}:line end ir /br}

That’s free typed and not checked so not accurate but to give idea of what to look for.