Print to kitchen with two department

We have kitchen with two departments for pizza and for other foods.

If will be on ticket only pizza we need print ticket to pizza printer and if will be on ticket other food it will send to second kitchen printer for other food. This is simple with category or product mapping in “Print Job” ->“Print mapping”.

But if will be on ticket pizza and other foods, I need send all foods to both printers.
Because departments must begin prepare food in same time. They need know about it, if they will see food for second department.
How can I solve it. Make a script which check items on ticket or is some simple solution.

use two print actions to jobs set to each printer and mapped for all products in whichever rule your using to send prints;
Pizza printer
Other printer

Use a report order count from report tags to count orders for a perticular group/department.

Think your terminology is making it sound harder than it is, your not only printing pizzas - you not printing to other printer if there are no other items.
So count pizza orders and if > 0print to pizza printer and similar for other food.
If there is no other food it won’t print just pizzas to other printer, and same for the other way round. If there are orders from both groups it will print to both.


thank for help now works.

for pizza printer execute condition [=TN(’{TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:(MG=Pizza)}’)] greater 0
and for second printer execute job condition [=F(TN(’{TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:(1=1)}’)-TN(’{TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:(MG=Pizza)}’))] greater 0

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