Printer for windows tablet

Any idea to select or buy printer for windows tablet order.
I have 4 section area, where every area have order terminal with printer for print order to tag at table.
If i use windows tablet for each area.
What printer i prepare to choose. Is it usb/ serial port printer or ethernet port printer for each order terminal at each area?

depends on how your using/wireing the tablet, do you mean your using tablet for fixed terminal?
If fixed tablet;
Tablet is not going to have serial so forget that.
USB or Ethernet… You could opt for ethernet to keep wires down as youll need network in one way or another for linking to database.

If mobile tablets ethernet all the way.

If you have fixed tills and tablets are extra for waiters you could share the printers connected to fixed tills, would depend on how busy and if this is workable and layout etc how useable.

Tablet win 10 as extra or mobile option to order.
Is it prepare use ethernet? How is perfomance if using ethernet printer. So each order terminal fix using with ethernet printer?
Anybody have this experience like this situation?

Things translation causing confusion.
If you plan to use tablets portable you have no choice but networked… performance if network is stable is no difference to USB etc.
Networked would easily allow multiple tablets to say print bills to a single ‘floor printer’ rather than one each.
Kitchen printer would be networked anyway most likely.

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Thank You J, fast answer.
I will to buy all ethernet printer for this case

The cheap china ones I usually use have all 3 ports anyway serial, usb and ethernet and todate not had any issues and much much cheaper than say epson.

If i was using tablets for terminals fixed or not I would look at networked as then only wire needed would be power and ethernet (if using dock)

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… and what are they? Thermal? Impact? Brand? Model?

I mean I love my Epsons, but they are very expensive, so I am just curious.

If use cheaper printer how its perfomance. How about they difference with epson or bixolon. Because at my city very hard to fine cheaper printer. And no store or supplier sold it

I order from ebay.
£65-75 for 80mm thermal multi port printer.
300mm/s which is faster than the older epson models (never had privilege of a new epson LOL)

What is brand and how to claim warranty?

Cheap china printer, no real brand, DOA return would be simple, warantee probably bit trickier.
Worked on basis that at £65-75 vs £300+ for an epson could just replace 3-4 times before same cost.
Have had 80mm printers in use for maybe year or so with no issues.
Have had even cheaper £30 ish 54mm printers (without autocutter usb only) for 2-3 years, only ever had to replace one out of maybe 40+ between the clients ive sold to.

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I’ve got Code Soft thermal 80mm here in Thailand at the local shop for about $55

They work well, have all 3 connection types, but can only print English and Chinese. Tried Thai but that came out Chinese as well. is the factory IP

Thats dirt cheap…