Printer stops printing HELP?

I have 3 stations and 5 epson tmt20 printers conected to stations. The problem i am having is that printers stop working after couple hours of service. I have tried everthing that i could think of googled milion options reinstoled printers updated drivers reinstalled windows , installed everthing from scratch, but the same problem keep coming back. Printers will work fine for hal hour or so ant than for no reason att all it stops printing. Have 3 new stations one with windows 8 and 2 with windows 10. All brand new with latest updates. Printers are brand new with latest drivers… No idea what to do? Anyone out there had this proplem or have idea how to fix it up? Thanks

Are they USB?

Go into the device manager and disable all usb power down options.


Hi thanks for the response, they are usb printers, i did that first time it started playing up and still facing same problem…

Did you do it to all the ‘USB Root Hub’ too?

Literally everything. Right click > properties > power management

Other than that no one will be able to help you. You would have to contact the manufacturer or see if they have a support site


Check this I just found on another website

Yes. I also found the Windows default setting of turning of the usb ports very annoying but in Windows 10 there is an easy fix. Access Power Options (e.g., by typing ‘Power Options’ in the search bar of Control Panel) Click on ‘Change power plan settings’ on the power plan that is being used (has a bullet ticked) Click change ‘Advanced power settings In popup box, double click on USB settings and on USB selective suspend, then click on ‘Enabled’ and change to ‘Disabled.


Have a simular prob with my card swiper so just did the above, hopefully itll work :slight_smile:


I do have the same problem… my solution was to turn off and the turn on the usb printer… that seems to send an= wake up call to the usb…


did you see the solution above?

yes, I saw that… will try it