Printer Template - Account Transactions - where is it?

Is the button in the screenshot below hardcoded to a Template that we cannot edit?

I found Customer Receipt Template, but this does not produce the output shown:

-- General layout

<J00>Balance:|{SOURCE BALANCE}

Output of Print Button (not the same format as the Template above):

Account Transaction
Account Name: 22222222-Chas Watkins
Date: 2014-06-23 - 11:22
Balance: (1,645.00)
Date    Descrip    Debit   Credit  Balance
2014-06 B  73,345.   75,090.00  (1,745.00)
2014-06 C   100.00           -  (1,645.00)
        T   100.00           -      100.00
        G  73,445.   75,090.00  (1,645.00)
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Yes it is hard coded. Customer Receipt Template is useful while printing Transaction Documents with Print Account Transaction Document action.

Thanks @emre… that’s what I thought. I’ll try to figure something else out for printing customer account transactions.


Did you figure out how to format this? can you share ?
I need to add store heading

Hello emre,
Is it possible to custom make functions for this kind of account document types transaction?
Now when we click Save button, screen will be back to account details screen.
I would like to add functionf for
1./ edit
2./ Print out
So that we can amend if we input error as well we can have a hard copy to keep record.

@QMcKay did you manage to print the transaction

i want to print the petty cash transaction added an action but nothing prints

I haven’t looked into this in a long time. When @emre originally answered my question, I started developing a SQL script to pull the information that I wanted.

I need to find the SQL and play with it more, though it may be simpler to just use Custom Report Tags at this point (Custom Reporting didn’t exist when I asked the question).

so you mean the action wont work unless used in accounts or custom reports

It should work, but the trick you need to figure out is how to get the Document Id; otherwise, the action doesn’t know what to print - you cannot just leave it blank in your case.

ohhh any idea how can i do that

I am not familiar enough with the Action to know how to retrieve it for the scenario that you are trying to use it in.

I have used this Action only once before, in the Gift Certificate setup. It works in that case, because the Print is done within the same Rule that creates the Document. The way it is done is with this:


So you could accomplish the same thing, but you would need to have the Print done at the same time as you submit the Petty Cash Transaction.

Using the action in a Cashout report would not work, simply because there could be several Documents that were created throughout the day, and the Action doesn’t know which ones to print.

yup this command is working i wanted to use in the same rule

thanks i knew i could count on you :smile: