Printer Template Alignment Problem


I have a problem with aligning order’s total price in the ticket template. I do have some long item names and when I have those on the ticket, the total price goes to the next line aligned left and not right. For short item names, it aligns perfectly.

How can I overcome this problem and have the total price aligned to the right all the time?

Here I have the short item’s name:

Here I have long items’ names:

Here is my template for orders:

-- Default format for orders

Thank you.

Your Item Names should be getting truncated when you use the <J00> tag so you should check the Printer Configuration to ensure you are using ESC/POS Printer Type and that the Character Count is set correctly for your printer.

Other than that…

The new <Wxy:cw1,cw2,cw3,...> Tag has the ability to do wrapping in your Template based on comma-placement.

  • The numbers indicate a character-count/width for the column.
  • Using * in a column will expand that column automatically to use remaining characters, based on Printer character count configuration
  • Use whitespace after a number to enable wrapping (ie. column for Item Name could be wrapped)
<W00:4,4 , 17 , 10>content1|content2|content3|content4
     - -- ---- ---
     | |   ||  |||
   left|   || right
       | center
    left with line break (wrap)

The whitespace after number enables left align with word wrapping. If there is no whitespace it is left align with trimming (truncation).

EDIT - @QMcKay beat me to the reply and full explained the tag. But if you are looking to have your items appear on just one line with no line breaks then you probably should think more carefully about your product names and shorten them yourself manually, rather then having SambaPOS truncate them

For example:
Baked Chicken - Half with Rice” is probably going to be truncated to “Baked Chicken - Half wi” which doesn’t really help explain what they have ordered. It might be better to manually change the product name to “1/2 Baked chkn w/rice”.

Remember there are many different ways to choose what is displayed in menus and sales tickets and kitchen tickets. You can chosoe different…

  • custom product tags
  • product names
  • menu names
  • menu headers
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