Printer Template Broke - Square Brackets not Working

@emre the square brackets that hide values on the printed tickets isnt working, even when there is a value, in my case when PStatus has a state value it doesnt show

if i remove the square brackets from the ticket template it works, but it also display my text “***Price Override:” after every order

This is a screenshot of the whole line in square brackets

This is a screen shot without square brackets

This is a screenshot without the square brackets but also with an order that doesnt have PStatus

Putting the square brackets back hides both lines, even though one has a value for PStatus

This did used to work fine but not tested it for ages so i have no idea when this broke

This changed many versions ago. You need to nest [brackets] to let it know which value within the outer brackets you want to check …

[<J00>Price Override [{ORDER STATE:PStatus}]]
                     ^                     ^
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Cheers Q, i must have missed that or dont remember reading it lo :grinning: