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At the bottom of my reciept I have a You Saved X Amount Today!
This is the syntax im using.

[=F((({CALCULATION TOTAL:Round})+({CALCULATION TOTAL:Discount})+({ORDER TAG TOTAL:Discount Custom}))*-1,'0.00')]

Basically It works if i have:
A Round on its own
A Discount on its own
Any combination of a Round, Discount or Discount Custom

But when there is only an order tag Discount Custom Nothing shows

You probably need to convert each tag with TN

But why does a combination of any of these work.
A round or discount on their own work.
But Only when order tag total discount. It does not work?

I’ll have read up on TN

TN converts them to a number. So in this case 0.

This is what I have done but the result is always 0.00

[=F(TN(('{CALCULATION TOTAL:Round}')+('{CALCULATION TOTAL:Discount}')+('{ORDER TAG TOTAL:Discount Custom}'))*-1)]

Each one needs the tag.

Thanks that worked perfect

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