Printer template issue


Try reinstalling .net on that computer.


i get

ill try updating .net now


I’ve tried very first template without bmp tag and it works fine, no errors.


Still cant get it working, same error with or without bmp, .net is at the latest version and all other windows updates are done

@emre any ideas why my print template isnt working on one PC but works fine on others?


That may relate with <BAR> tag. On HTML printing mode it creates a bmp image of the barcode under windows temp folder and adds it as an image to the printing document. That might be an permission issue that prevents SambaPOS to access temp folder. You can try clearing windows temp files before checking anything else.


Clearing temp files now, ill let you know if it changes anything :slight_smile:


So with the logo bmp image at the top of the receipt removed and the barcode bar line removed from the template it now shows in the ticket preview and prints perfect from the printer.

once my temp files have finished deleting ill try to re add the images to see if they work again


So clearing temp files didn’t work, as a workaround I’ve stored my logo image in my printer and use that to print on top of the receipt

But I can’t get the barcode to print at the bottom anymore

Anything else I can try Emre?


Check Temp folder permissions.