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Printer Template Variables.

I try to get the actual time of the Bill:
when the customers leave the place, they ask for the Bill, we print the bill and give them the Bill.
Something like LastPaymentTime would fullfill my need, but it is not available in the printer template.

{TICKET TIME} is the time of the creation of the ticket, the time of the arrival of the customer.

In the printer template, I can see these available variables:

--Ticket Values-- 

What can be the X in TICKET DATE:X?

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You would use {TIME} it would put current time when printing bill.

Hi Jesse …

Indeed. :grinning:

But I would loose that value once printed out and I need it afterwards to send the electronic bill to tax office.
Electronic and Paper bill’s date and time must match.

That would imply making new ticket tag, saving the time value, etc … I was wondering if there was an easier way.

To send the electronic bill, I make a sql query to the sambapos database, so I could have the LastPaymentTime but on the paper bill I would have another time.

Actually the ticket time is relevant for supermarket or starbuck, places where you pay immediately. In a bar, restaurant it’s not rare that customers spend hours and hours before asking (and issuing) the bill. As we close after midnight, the after-midnight customers receive a bill of the “previous day”.

Ticket tag/state is one of two ways I can think of for you to have access to the original bill print time. But now your SQL script will have to processes the ticket tags JSON.

Or insert the ticket id, print time into another table when bill is first printed, then join that table when you pull your data.

Yep, I’ll need to add a ticket tag … :confused:
I think an additional column in the Tickets table would be relevant.

For json, I pipe the oupout of the sql query to jq, a commandline JSON processor.
Simple and straightforward.

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Ok sorry you didn’t explain that.