Printers don't work correctly

Good afternoon!
Installed a terminal with SambaPOS 5, connected a cashier printer (USB),
Everything worked correctly.

Installed a second printer in the kitchen (IP).
After installation, there was a problem, after closing the table prints the bill, but not the new items.

It is necessary that after closing the table in the case of new positions in the kitchen and bar, the bill went to the cashier’s printer, and in the kitchen application to the kitchen.

When closing the table without adding new items, the printing of the bill should not be made.

Can you provide some more information.
Is this a new install? Or is this an existing install just adding printers?
Where is the bill being printed?
Can you show screen shots of your:

  • Close Ticket Rule (Event: Automation Command Executed)
  • Ticket Closing Rule ((Event: Ticket Closing)
  • Other rules under Event: Ticket Closing(expand all actions in the screen shots)
    The highlighted box is the Event(s)

As Bob said you have not given the community much to understand your problem. Can you explain in more detail and provide some screenshots?

Thank you for responding.

We installed the printers and they are displaying and printing.

The bill is printed on the receipt printer.

Screenshots are attached.