Printing Address on the Ticket?

I have added a new field in customer search ->new customer tab which is the address field, I have also configured it to be printed on the receipt, Now the problem is that when i enter the address which is longer than 32 characters ( i am using 32 column printing) it misses the rest of the address after 32 characters. Is there any way that i can have the complete address printed on the ticket without cut or missing ( usually addresses take about 2 lines of 32 characters. Every thing else is printed fine as it spouse to be.

i use wide string for address field
and it works fine for me
So i type a few letters and press Enter to switch to the next line

Thanks for your reply pizzaeilat4, i was wondering if its possible to have the address printed warped on the ticket without pressing “enter” for the new line in the address field as have to keep a count of the spaces i have used and before it reaches the “32” character mark. I hope I’ve explained my problem

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As long as you are left justifying <L> or centering <C> the text then it will wrap, but at 32 characters, which may be in the middle of a word.

If you are using something like

<J00>Address : |{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address}

Then it will NOT wrap.

The other option is to have separate fields for Address, Town, Postcode, etc. This will reduce the need to wrap lines.