Printing Amount Payed By Cash


I’m farely new to Samba, and I have a small problem with what is printed on my receipts.

Here, you can see that the order was for 2,50. The customer gave 10E, so 7,50 change, thats fine. The thing that is bugging me is that it says Cash : 2,50 when i want it to say Cash : 10, as i already know the order was for 2,50.

For this receipt, i was using these tags :

I then proceded to replace PAYMENT AMOUNT with TENDERED TOTAL. This works when in the situation i would like above, meaning to say that if a customer gives 10E for a 2,50E drink, it says Cash : 10,00.
But now the problem is that if the customer wants to pay say half cash and half credit, this is what i get :

With Cash : 12,50 and CB (Credit Card) 12,50, whereas on POS, i typed 10,00 in cash and 2,50 in CB.

Can anybody help me sort this out ? I would be very greatful !

Thank you very much !

You use Tendered Total So, it count 10 for cash and 2.5 for credit card.


Oh wow, didn’t expect it to be that easy… Thanks alot ! :slight_smile:

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