Printing Chinese characters with Epson TM-T88V M244a

I have trouble printing Chinese characters, both simplified and traditional. The Epson printer does not have the code page for Chinese (936); it has other options like “PC437 (USA, Standard Europe)” and “User-defined page”. However, it does have a “International Character Set” field that I have presently set to “China.”

I have tried both PC437 and “User-defined” (while Int’l Char set = China), and on Sambapos I tried the following printer code pages, with the following results:
936 (Chinese): prints some weird characters
948 (Traditional Chinese SAA): code page data not found (not supported I guess)
950 (Chinese traditional / Taiwanese / Hong Kong): prints some other weird characters.
*Above results were done with printer set as “Ticket Printer”

Note that if I set the printer as “Windows printer” or “Text”, the Epson printer prints Chinese just fine, but then all formatting (e.g. “J11:2”) is gone.

Any ideas how I can use “Ticket printer” mode to print Chinese (perhaps using the “user-defined” field somehow)?

Thank you in advance.

*Edit: according to (search “TM-T88VM”) it seems that TM-T88VM (not TM-T88V) is the appropriate model for Chinese. Does that mean, under ESC/POS (Ticket Printer) mode, I will have no hope printing Chinese chars even though under Windows/Text mode I can print fine? What about the fact that I can set Int’l Char Set to China?

Try HTML Printer mode.

Syntax is a little different but you can change font size, use bold fonts and use logo images.

Thanks! This works.