Printing from batch entities

Hi is there a way to print from batch entities. I have a list of members and would like to either copy it and put onto an excel spread sheet or print it to my home printer.

You can whip up a report and export it to csv

You know the next question, how do you do that and what is csv.

Csv is comma separate values.
A csv is pretty much a text file which Excel tableizes based on lines being rows and.a character such as comma defining columns.
In reports you can set a separator character which is there isn’t possibility of a comma within your reported values would typically be comma although you can use other characters but need to change that when opening in Excel so it can split it in to comma.
A csv using comma should open up strait away without issue in Excel.

Is there an example I could follow to make this report.

Cheers will give this ago.

I have made a membership report but can’t find how I get the date from batch entity into this report. Can you please help.

I need the name, membership number and membership type. It also needs to automatically update when I add new members.

You need to make the report…
And sorry it should be data exports not report.
Something like this;

Customer Details
Card Number,Name,Membership
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name.asc,EC.Name,EC.Membership Type:(ET=Customers):{0},{1},{2}}

Then if you need automatic export you can use the data export action.
name would be the file fane with directory you want the csv to go to ie;
Daterange for this type of report is erelevent so just select work period.

does this look right.

Just pressed preview and have as per below picture. The card number that is showing is not the one I want it is just the 3 figure one.

So what is the name of that field it’s Membership something the rest is cutoff in your picture.

Replace E.Name.asc with EC.Membership blah.asc obviously replace blah with real name.

Thank you that has now got it how I want it.

how can I now get this data to print or show as a report.

Go to the reports screen and you can click on the export

this is all I get.

You can press print screen and just paste with control + v into a post here to give better screenshots

Yes click the blue Link.

Blue link does nothing when you press it.

Use Windows file explorer to check the folder you set it to save to in your report c:\export\ you should see a new file there called members.csv

No it saves it to the directory you specified in the report.