Printing from batch entities

I am going to look up some tutorials on automation, I might then understand a bit more.

search for voiceover on forum, have a couple of beginer automation progect videos where i talk you though whats happening etc.
Install samba on your pc/laptop as a trial mode install without licence so you dont mess up your system.

Can it be installed on an android tablet.

No, its a windows program. there is an android app for order taking but needs to connect to the server/windows machine running samba.

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Don’t currently have PC or laptop that I can use for this at the moment.

What would you recommend as a minimum requirement for use to test Samba.

I have have many systems running on old dell optiplex core2duo machines with no issue for small scale at least.
Windows 7 minimum for .net 4.5 requirement.

Ideal machine would be a newer i series machine, 4-8gb ram, windows 10. A SSD HDD is a benifit if an option.
Hotel I work at as day job I have a dell optiplex again, temrinals are core2duo with 8gb ram and 60gb ssd with a newer i5 optiplex dell 16gb ram and 120gb ssd x2 in raid which should be more than enough for that setup.

So if I look for an old Dell Optiplex to use at home to play around with Samba should be ok. Do I copy my system over.

Up to you, for testing and playing youll probably be ok with anything running win 7 or 10. Windows tablet or whatever.

Personally for learning I would start with a fresh database else youll get all that crud from zepos setup which you might clash with.
If you install sql express you can run multiple databases on single machine and just change connection string to switch between testing databases. I probably have a dozzen on this machine in my workshop.

Would a Dell Optiplex 780, 250gb hdd, 4gb ram, windows 10 pro and good.

Should do, my terminal machines are the USFF 780s

I don’t suppose you have any machines that you want to sell.

Have PM you with details on what I use.

Cheers I will have a look at this. Many thanks for your help.

This is what my systems look like;

Although have switched to better cash drawers and full size 80mm printers since this picture.

It is a real shame that I did not find this when I was looking for the cricket club as this would have been ideal and about the same price as we paid. Do you put version 5 on your systems now.