Printing Problem when print for receive

Hello I print out for the receive
It Happen like This…
Thanks is not comming with together I want to come out together

Here The Template

Please What is Happen can u please Help…

Hummm looks like a printer problem where it CUTS before time, try adding more blank space below last line, just simples multiple times, so that paper comes out more before it is cut.

sorry sir where i need to put space


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ok sir thanks for your advice i will try 2morrow.
Also thz for answering my question sir

Also check your Windows printer settings for the printer. There might be a cut margin or space at bottom, or similar setting you can change.

Sir can u show me what is default window printer setting sir
I want to compair with mine
Also printer not cut properly that why sir please sir

Every printer is different, drivers are different and the settings can be named any number of things or even not be available. Just look in the settings for the printer in Windows, then just look for settings like I suggested.

Just add the extra empty lines on bottom of template.

thanks for u all answering my question to solve my problem
i fix it already thank you everyone