Printing Tutorial in Detail

Thanks, that was it. I don’t know how I changed that but… all’s well that ends well as my dear old mum used to say.


I quite agree and actually thought I was but I had my lap top version pointed to the sql server and so was modifying the ‘working copy’.

I may have to think about how I will do this in the future but atleast I have purchased the database tools so can backup and restore easier.



You point it to the SQL server just you tell it a different db name. SQL server can run multiple databases.

How to share a same com4, port printer. Ie 2 pc one printer

Hi. How to not print bill certain product category? E.g.: all beverages will not be shown in customer receipt? I want to use it for my extras product category such as empty bowl, extra chilly, less sugar etc

See here for how to group and/or filter Products in Printer Templates:


Thanks QMcKay!!! . .

First off, Thanks for the great program.
It simply does the job and does it very very well.
I just installed it yesterday and am in the process of setting everything up.
For the most part, the tutorials have been more than helpful.
I’ve run into to roadblock with setting the printers.
I’ve replicated the tutorial here online, but the printers are not responding.
I have two kitchen printers connected to the computer via wifi router.
I’ve checked over the rules, actions, and print jobs to make sure they are in identical condition to the given in the tutorial. What other variables should I check?
Thanks in advance for all your help.

here are screen shots

Can you print a test page from Windows?

yes I am able to print test pages fine

That share name looks wrong…

If your printer is shared on the PC samba is on it would show in the DropDown. Typing just Kitchen probably does not work.

@kendash I’ve named the printers “kitchen” and “sushi” on windows.
would that not id the printers as such? is there an inherent id for printers’ properties that I should be referring to instead?
the names were recognized in the dropdown menus so I simply selected them as such

Then it is correct and my suspicion is wrong.

Can you go to C:/users/username/documents/SambaPOS4 and open up the error log and see if you find anything maybe copy paste what you find here.

PS: Also could you try temporarily taking the Sushi printer orders out of that Print Job leave just your Kitchen Printer orders and see what happens.

it really seems like the print job is not being sent at all.

Ok I think i see the issue. Your print job is named Print Orders to Kitchen Printers Notice the S on Printers…

Your Print job you have selected in your action is Print Orders to Kitchen Printer no s

So yes your correct its not firing that print job because you told it not too :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks a bunch!
I don’t know how I missed that
sometimes an extra set of eyes is all you need
I really appreciate the help and all the help I will be getting in the near future


Good catch - good eye @Jesse!


Is there a way to print each food item on its own ticket for kitchen orders?



First time writing in the forum. I was wondering if there is a way to print specific products on a ticket while other categories on another. What I mean is, could a category e.g. Salads be printed on one ticket alone, while other category products on another?
And a second question, although I haven’t searched on the forum if it has already been submitted is what do I have to do with the bill if it has to pass from a fiscal printer so that it prints the Fiscal signature at the end of the bill.