Problem in the invoice number

Can I make the invoice number starts with 1 with the beginning of the period of work and Atantha for an end to the period of work?

By invoice do you mean Ticket number?

Hmm. I see this topic many time but I can’t seem to find it now.

Basically, use update program setting (type increase, value 1) to update number. And reset update program setting to 0 in work period start event.

When to trigger update program setting Action is up to your flow.

I would guess ticket created, or posibly ticket close but you would need an additional constraint on that one.
If ticket created you will get skipped invoice numbers should a ticket not be submitted.
If you opted for before ticket closing you would need to constrain to whatever your using to add this number to the ticket (guessing a ticket tag) ie, before ticket closing if ticket tag ‘invoice number’ = blank.

I use this when payment process. I don’t want any number skip when move/merge.

Then you will get multiple invoice number per ticket when multiple payments on one ticket…

no, I should say payment process and remaining 0

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fair point.
but presumably you are wanting this to go onto the printed ticket?
you will have to remember that any pre-bill/prints before the last payment will not have an invoice number as wont be generated yet.

I use ticket id for pre-bill. But for receipt/invoice I generate number and print receipt after full payment. It easier for me to check after shift.

Nice one, sounds like you have a plan, go for it :smile:

A lot of customer come up to pay at counter and I have customer display so, most of pre-bills are not printed.