Problem sending message to customer while selecting deliverer

Can anybody help me out with this error?
Index was outside the bounds of the array
I was trying to send a message to the customer while selecting the deliverer.

Whats with the <!------ comment type lines? Guessing something to do with these.

No. Actually i put that for adding the items also in the message. Then i removed

Never used that text company can you provide some info from their website? Are you sure it will accept Test as the from?

This is their website. But they told me now that i have to register in order to send messages in uae

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Most text services require you to register.

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Surly you have to register else they would get abused with spam etc, plus it’s not going to be free.


My client is going to register. i was just setting it up for him

Hi Sangeeth,

Have you cleared this issue…? If then can you explain me.