Problem with Customer Account

Hello, i need help, i have been working with sambapos 4 months ago, and is perfect, but yesterday i dont know what i did but when settle Customer Account is grayed, i think the problem is when i select customer, now i cant see customer account Debit Amount. I really need your help.

Check related payment type & account transaction type if they’re properly configured.

Hi Emre, thanks for your time, i have checked that i will show it.

I still think i did something wrong with customer select, cause when i select customer it looks like dont select properly the customer.

When im using the Test Data i can see amount of the account when i select customer.

But in my data I cant see amount.

Seems like account transaction type for the payment type is something different than Cliente Cuenta Transaction. I’ll suggest you to review transactions and accounts to check if they’re properly mapped.

You have a configuration issue but it is hard to determine for me as they’re localized. You can try to validate if they are correct by using working data as a reference.

Solved! you were right the problem was payment type!