Problem with Sorting printed products

dear @emre,
Until recently, orders that came out of the printer was the same as I typed it.
For example, if I typed pizza
with half mushrooms and onions
and half with olives and corn
It was printed exactly in the order I typed it on the screen
Now when I print on screen the same thing it comes out printed by another order
Now if I print pizza
with half mushrooms and onions
and half with olives and corn
He mixes the order and a wrong order printed And I get a ticket printed with half and half corn mushrooms olives onions all together and not in the order I typed it.
It seems that he prints them in the order of their menu planning
And not in the order I typed it.
It probably changed In one of the latest versions released
How can I get it to print the same as I typed it??

Yes it recently (~1month) changed as obeying configured sort order frequently requested. I agree it should display in the order it entered but people wants to see x tags on top or y tags listed on bottom. Making it optional is not an option atm but if we can find a single sorting method that covers most cases I’ll be glad to implement.

Thanks @emre for the response
It means I can no more work with Ordr Tags.
Because it is printed in an orderly
I hope you find a solution for me as soon as possible
By the way, do you remember which version it changed?

@pizzaeilat4 I can’t remember exact version but if you can give more details about the issue I can try to find another solution.

@pizzaeilat4 I’m asking to be ensure we are talking about sorting of order tags, not the orders itself right?

yes Ordr Tags
I try to describe my problem
It’s a little hard for me to explain in English

OK. No problem. I’ll understand if you answer this…
The problem is order tags are always listed in the order it configured.

Something like that.

However we need to list them in the order we press the tag buttons.
For example

Does it explains the issue?

yes sir :smile:
This is exactly my problem i need to list them in the order i press the tag buttons
and not in the order it configured.

So I’ll just add this line like in the screenshot?
@emre There are not enough words in this world to describe how much I thank you :smiley:

OK forget my previous post. When thinking about it more I’ve decided to create SORTED ORDER TAGS section to list order tags in configured order. So you won’t need to change something on next version. I think it will make more sense to use SORTED ORDER TAGS section when we need to list them in order. Default behavior for order tag listing should be unsorted.

I should thank you for your patience… I can imagine how such small changes can cause annoying issues.

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Your patience and giving is simply amazing
Thank you again