Problem with the terminal and printers

hello, everyone, I have the same problem in V4.

1 - I have the office computer for reports and invoices on A4 Laser

2 - I have the computer pastry with a TM-T20 Thermal Printer

3 - I have the computer restaurant also with a different Tm-T70 Thermal Receipt Printer.

4 - iPAD AIR as terminal server Confectionery

I created four different terminals:

  • IPAD
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • And Confectionery

Created four ipressoras four print jobs, fourth printing templates.

actions and rules created for them and mapped. seems I did everything right.
more does not work.

Someone please help me.

No printers does not work?

Have you set each printers on each terminals?
Ex, on restaurant computer, have you set “ticket printer” as TM-T70 ?, on office comptuer -> "reports printer as A4 Laser…

Exemple on my “server” computer to print reports
On your office computer, it should be like this to print your reports and invoice.

Emre, the printer only works when mapped (Ticket Printer) but not as it should be. already assigns each printer on the right terminal. I always get the following error: PROBLEM WITH YOUR PRINTER MODEL OR PRINT, PRINTER NAME INVALID.

Amaury254 Thanks for the pictures and quick tips but could not solve the problem did exactly as their tips. be a problem with rules and action?

What do you mean when you say that the printer only works when mapped but not as it should be?
On restaurant computer, you have set “ticket printer” as TM-T70, so when you print ticket, what happened?
When you click on print ticket button, either it prints your ticket (with date, orders, total…) or you get this message “problem with your printer…”

Thanks after many attempts succeeded, but I had to create another rule Ticket Payment Check for each terminal.