Problema database

hi i installed the patch for multisession okay but the databases are lavoranoi separately as I would like your help in detail

SambaPOS does not support connecting to more than 1 database at a time.

Hi, I would like to connect a single database to communicate the two client rdp

Search the forum for RDP …

Samba pos PC e samba pos PC tablet non comunicano in rdp

If your using Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can not do more than 1 RDP connection. RDP with multiple concurrent RDP connections is not supported by consumer versions of Windows it is supported through Windows Server with Licensing. The patch you mention is not a patch it is a hack of the operating system and is not supported by Microsoft. Microsoft actively patches windows to fix the hack on a regular basis. You need a server OS with proper RDP licensing.

RDP is a very good and viable solution for SambaPOS with Tablets but it should be supported correctly with the right infrastructure. Another alternative is to purchase Windows 8 or Windows 10, when its launched, Tablets that support installing SambaPOS natively and can connect to the Database via the network. This alternative is considerably cheaper.

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Quando carico comando dal tablet non si caricano nel PC questo e il pr9blema