Problems using databases (*.sdf file) in V4


I’ll describe this issue in simple steps:

1.- I’m trying to use the sdf sample file from here this is the used in the custom package delivery system

2.- When I try to use that file with any version from V3.0.26 till V3.0.35 I got an exception and the application closes inmediately.

3.- When I try to use that file with any version from V3.0.24 or earlier it works like a charm

4.- When I try to use that same file in V4, it works like a charm too.

So, what am I doing wrong? Maybe the sdf file need an “upgrade” or something?

Thanks in advanced for any tip related to this issue.

It’s old means it was made on an older version and version 4 auto migrates to newer version. It’s best not to use old databases and try to follow tutorials instead.

Or use version 4 or version 5. Version 3 forum can be found at

Thanks for your answer. You’re right, I followed the tutorial on last version of V3 but I was stuck in some parts and tried again with not success. Some changes needed a restart of application and other changes never work.

In other topic, do you know a way to enable the keypad (physical numeric keyboard) on payment screen? Since I’m setting up Samba in some terminals without touchscreens.

Thank you very much.

Right now you cant. That feature is hard coded and can not be removed. Perhapse if you explained the need why you want it removed. I mean not having a touch screen is really not a big deal it still works just fine. Would you want something else displayed there instead? If so what would you like to see?

Is language the only reason your still using version 3?

I mean that I want the person who uses the POS can input the amount of the payment with the computer keyboard and not with the mouse (pointing and clicking). By the way, when I click the button that displays the total amount of the ticket, SambaPOS closes with an exception message.

Yes, is for language issues.

@emre thats a good idea making it so numberpad inputs work on Payment Screen.

@dodePOS you should know that verison 3 and version4 will no longer get updates. Version 3 you would have to update it yourself via source. You can rename all of the POS buttons,menu, etc in your own language with version 5 pretty much the only thing you cant do atm is change manage screen language.

So as far as keyboard thing goes it might get added to version 5 but version 3 you will have to figure out how to edit source to add it yourself.

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I’m adding it to the list. Let’s see it if get more requests.

Adding fast payment buttons that popups amount entry might be a solution as popup entry screens allows keyboard input & enter key. That will work even faster than payment screen;

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@emre The popups idea is better than enter numbers with numpad. :smiley:

@Jesse I started all over again, I made the tutorial and finally it works, the only thing is it doesn’t display the name of the deliverer, I can’t figure out what it happens. Also I added more options such as display waiting, delivering and take out tickets.

Another question is how can I use a simple Automation button in order to directly change the ticket state, for instance, change the state from “Waiting” to “Delivering” without the Ticket Entity change used in the tutorial. I tried it adding a button and setting the following:

Automation command excuted->Home Delivery

Rule->"Change ticket state to “Delivering”
Event name: Automation command Execute
AutomationCommandName Equals Home Delivery
Load ticket
Update Delivery Ticket Status

But since the ticket number is read from {:TicketIds}… I can’t figure out how assign that. Also I added a “Display ticket” button that allows to display a ticket before delivering, for checking and stuff. That button reads {:TicketIds} thru the “Display Ticket” action and it works fine.

I really apreciate your help and time. SambaPOS really “do the work” and the customizable options make it a strong app for any type of business. I know this is the forum for 4 and 5 version, but the other forum in seems dead. Please sorry if this question is outdated.

Thank you very much :smile: